Mese o non Mese

He loves me, he loves me not ? .. where months replace petals

MESE O NON MESE Calendar has born from the desire to play and try out to realize a funny calendar, inspired by the popular game “he loves me, he loves me not ?”.Also The title is a play , a play on words and on sounds: “mese” is the Italian translation of the word “month”, and the expression “mese o non mese ?” has a similar sound, although with a different meaning, of the expression “m’ama o non m’ama ?”, the Italian translation of “he loves me, he loves me not ?”.
In MESE O NON MESE months replace the petals of daisies, with a stylized and geometric shape. They are arranged radially from the central circle, so that by turning counterclockwise the calendar, every month can be viewed vertically from the top.
The layout of the calendar is simple and clean, made up of few elements: fonts and colors. The font is treated to give a vintage look, and the colors used are four, to identify the four seasons of the year.

Project Included
  • calendar design
  • production management


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