A little bit about Apple&Pear

We are a small independent creative studio based in Clerkenwell passionate about brand, print & the web. We work locally and internationally with individuals, start ups, small & growing businesses who believe in good design, offering thoughtful & bespoke design solutions for large and small projects, as well as an authentic enthusiasm for what we do.

  • The People

    Apple & Pear consists of Elisa Vernazza & Fabio Bernardi, two Italian designers in love with London. We are not a big agency. We are a wife & husband team with a friendly, efficient and client-led approach. A creative thinkers & design makers duo in which work, inspiration & fun are integrated organically.
    At Apple & Pear you will always deal with the designer doing the work, resulting in a more direct and productive working relationship.

  • Elisa

    Open-minded designer with a background in Architecture, which gave her a great understanding of the core elements of the design process. She is constantly fascinated by simple solutions in complex problems and obsessed by details. When not working, Elisa could be easily found eating Fabio’s handmade cakes, drinking organic green tea, looking for handcrafted & vintage stuff in all the hidden flea markets around London, playing table football & collecting mugs.

  • Fabio

    An avid crafter and a designer with almost a decade experience across a wide range of disciplines and industries, from Web Design, to Graphic Design, Photography and Print Production. He is inquisitive and curious, constantly asking himself questions. When not working, Fabio could be easily found baking cakes for Elisa, observing & photographing new things around London, turning his hands dirty while printing some letterpress stuff & collecting LEGO.

How we work

Here is a quick breakdown of how we work. We follow three main stages: we listen, think & Make. Working together needs a constant exchange of ideas and information, and every project faces unique challenges so we’ll tailor our approach to meet your individual needs.

  • We listen

    The first stage is listening. We meet you to know your needs. We ask questions, research your industry, mission, target market, take into account competitors, market trends, the history of the business, the history and the future of the brand.

  • We Think

    We’ll work through everything we’ve learned from our research to find your message. This is the discovery phase, when we start to have ideas and intuitions. Then we give shape to them into solid design concepts that will germinate into visual solutions.

  • We make

    Once we gain a incisive concepts we convert them into real visual solution, from sketchbook to screen. Then we’ll present it to you and we’ll figure out together how to move forward until the finished work.